A link to my darkest video

Hi. I posted this and, um. People were really awesome about it, but I don’t want random strangers stumbling on it with no context, so… I think when that happens, I’ll TRY to just post the video in a blog post so that the people who really want to find it still can, because I’ve received a lot of DM’s and comments and stuff about this one and I feel like… I don’t know. I feel like I want it to exist. Although my uncle is signed up to my email list for this blog, so that’s awkward. Um. Sorry, Uncle Quacky Duck, I promise to call you soon and I’m sorry for being a terrible niece and also… recommend not watching this one… 🤣

Ooooh jokes. They’re fun. Humor. Levity. Okay well anyway I’m just going to send this link to anyone who asks about this video from now on so that I don’t have to have it public but also don’t have to have it completely private if it might, like, help other people with their own issues or trauma or whatever. Idk. I’ll probably make this post private again eventually. Anyhoooooooooo…


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