“Problems” of Philosophy

So… I have these finger puppets. And stuffed animals. Cough. I’m not ashamed. Cough. And I’ve been thinking… that maybe I should have Jesus “litigate” the “problems” of philosophy, as they’re called.

Anyway this got me thinking that there are a whole lot of “problems” in philosophy that are maybe helpful to list in addition to its topics and branches. So, let’s see.

  • The mind/body problem
  • The problem of consciousness
  • The problem of personhood
  • The problem of solipsism
  • Honestly are those ones things I made up like do people even call them problems
  • They are though right?
  • the problem of knowledge
  • The problem of the external world,
  • Alt: the problem of knowledge of the external world
  • problem of intuition
  • Problem of freedom
  • Problem of value
  • Problem of governance
  • Problem of evil