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[I’m not obsessive, I’m THOROUGH, OKAY?!]

So, the idea behind this channel was that instead of going to grad school I would take my education into my own hands, but focus my energies on the stuff I wanted to learn about most instead of winding up with a dissertation on one very specific topic and no career. 

I’m not a proper educator. I don’t have any qualifications other than a passion for learning and a willingness to share what I learn with others. But I think a lot of what educators do is just providing shortcuts. They distill and organize all the information you need so that you can spend your time absorbing it, rather than hunting it down.

So here are my favorite philosophy resources. Let me know if I miss any of yours so I can include them! 

PhilPages –

I use this one a lot when I’m searching for a new topic to look further into. It’s nice because it has a pretty thorough index, but not so thorough that you get lost trying to figure out what’s most important.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy –

Probably my most heavily relied upon source for a more in-depth look at a subject. Has pages on everything from propositional logic to erotic art. It’s a truly magical place to spend a little time (or a lot).

OpenCulture –

I don’t spend enough time here for the bananas amount of free, full courses on the history of philosophy and all kinds of other topics.

The Great Courses –

Personally, I have an audible subscription so I just use my credits to buy the ones I want as audiobooks, but you can also subscribe to them directly or through amazon.

PhilPapers –

Can be irritating because a lot of the papers require you to pay to read them, but I think it’s fun to get a feel for what the people in a field are talking about by browsing titles via their dope indexing system.

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy –

I’m gonna level with you, I don’t use this one hardly at all, but that’s mostly because I’m pretty sure you have to pay to get the full benefits.

Update: MindMeister!

I just started using this neat mind-mapping software to plan out my videos and help me make presentations to go along with them. It’s pretty rad, I recommend going to and searching “philosophy” or whatever keyword interests you to see the cool stuff other people have on there and get ideas for how to use it yourself!

Anyway if you want to see what I’ve been up to over there, here’s a link to my profile/channel/thing/page –

Mind Maps

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