Philosophy of Mind

This is an INCREDIBLY large category and overlaps substantially with other disciplines such as Psychology, Sociology, Communication, Neuroscience… Any discipline that touches on the brain, the Philosophy of Mind folks will also want to get their hands on.

And for good reason! The philosophy of mind has many interesting rabbit holes and in contrast to some other areas in philosophy, has a whole bunch of real-world applications that anyone (not just the philosophy nerds) can appreciate.

This page is under construction but here are some random notes…

  • the mind/body problem
  • what is the relation between perception and reality?
  • how do we reconcile the lived experience of “mindedness” with the knowledge that our perceptions are contained ‘within’ the brain?
  • what is the “Mind” (if it is different than the physical brain)?
  • how does it work?
  • in other words, what are its rules for operation?