Ch. 3 – When We See the Global Picture, We are Moved to Ask How this Happened

Sex & World Peace Outline

Mapping the Global Situation of Women

  • Physical Security
  • Son Preferences & Sex Ratios
  • Trafficking in Females
  • Polygyny
  • Inequity in Family Law/Practice
  • The Bottom Line
  • Maternal Mortality
  • Discrepancy in Education
  • Governmental Participation
  • Intermingling in the Islamic World
  • Required Dress Codes in the Islamic World

How did this Happen?

Or, How Did Male-Dominated Social Structures Develop Throughout Human Cultures?

Evolutionary Biology & Psychology

2 Common Misconceptions, Corrected:

  1. Evolutionary predispositions ARE NOT intractable.
    • “It is perfectly possible to hold that genes exert a statistical influence on human behavior while at the same time believing that this influence can be modified, overridden, or reversed by other influences.” – Richard Dawkins
  2. Evolutionary theory DOES NOT posit static and essential characteristics for males and females.
    • “Across the spectrum of the social sciences, the results show that females are not essentially pacific, retiring, unaggressive, lacking in motives and psychological need for power and dominance. While successful ideological socialization may persuade many women that this is true of themselves, it is not biologically true.” – Theodore Kemper

Social Structures are Shaped by Natural Selection for Male Dominance Over Both Sexes

“The honor of a man lies between the legs of a woman.”

Male Dominance Hierarchies Organize Male Protection of the Group, Reduce In-Group Male Conflict, & Promote Gender Inequality

  • Inegalitarian societies breed the most extreme forms of sexual coercion.


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The sex showing higher parental investment becomes a limiting resource, the other sex competing for reproductive access

Sex & World Peace p. 71, quoting John Archer in “Does Sexual Selection Explain Sex Differences in Aggression?”