My Philosophy Video Plans

So far, my channel has involved a lot of, uh… goal-setting would be a generous way of putting it. I was sort of inspired by the story about how Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for a million dollars, in the sense that I kind of figured that if I say I’m going to do something, I’d be much more likely to actually do it just to prove that I meant it. 

Shaving my head comes to mind as a less labor-intensive example of the same principle…

Anyway, so I wrote myself into a corner sort of intentionally, I think, because I felt like that was probably the best way to motivate myself to work as hard as I can. I didn’t really imagine the corner would end up being as tight as it currently is, but… the point is, I have plans. Arguably, too many of them. But I’m going to tell you what they are in more detail, right now, in case anyone other than me cares. 

  • Introduction to Philosophy
    • What is philosophy? (ME LEAP)
    • Intro to…
      1. Metaphysics
      2. Epistemology
      3. Logic
      4. Ethics
      5. Aesthetics
      6. Politics
  • Drunk Philosophy
    • Jung & Jager
    • Kierkegaard & Kahlua
    • Lacan & L… 
    • These ones take a long time, so honestly, I don’t have to know all the details, yet. But the next two will obviously be Marx and Nietzsche… 
  • Philosophy of the Media
    • Philosophy of Television
      • Westworld
      • Rick & Morty
      • Bojack Horseman
      • Etc.
    • Guy Debord on the Society of the Spectacle
    • Noam Chomsky on Propaganda and Media Control
  • Philosophy of Music
    • Avett Brothers
    • Beatles
    • Cat Stevens
    • Leaning towards Don McLean but not sure?
  • Philosophy of Sex
    • Metaphysics of Sex: Is sex bad?
    • Epistemology of Sex: Are we having sex yet?
    • [Logic of sex = redacted because what would that be]
    • Ethics of Sex
      • Sex and Risk 
        • Pregnancy
        • Abortion
        • STD’s
      • Sex and Harm
        • Consent
        • Is it ever okay to have sex under the influence? 
        • Unintentional Rape
          • yikes that one could be a real doozy huh
    • Aesthetics of Sex
      • The history and philosophy of porn
    • Politics of Sex
      • Sexual Orientation & the Law
      • Gender and why it’s so damn confusing
      • Feminism (oh boy)
      • What about men?
  • Philosophy of Comedy
    • Theories of Humor (intro)
      • Superiority Theory
      • Incongruity Theory
      • Relief Theory
      • Benign Violation Theory
      • Humor as Play
    • Tipsy Transcendentalism
    • Plastered Poetry
    • Random Lists and Stuff
    • Blasted Book Reviews

And… that’s it for now. I’m not sure if I’ll end up going into more detail on the sub-categories of each brach of philosophy right away, or wait until after I’ve made the more basic introduction videos. But I’m planning to kind of just do whichever of these things I can finish first, and not worry to much about, like, controlling the order in which they all happen, if that makes sense. 

Anyhoo… I guess that’s it. Oh, and puppets. I don’t know. I really need to cool it, I’m gonna give myself an aneurism. Anyway let me know if you have any thoughts on any of those things, preferences about what to do first, etc…

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